Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Fired Up

Sometimes, my job just blows.

My Thanksgiving weekend was cut short, so I could fly to California for a work-related issue that had to be resolved Monday morning.  Fun for me.

The only plus was to escape the 30 degree weather for 70 degrees - though it is 40 at night, not that I leave the hotel after I'm done at the client site.

But I had to fire someone - which isn't a horrible thing, I'm sad to say. Yes, it sucks when it's budget related as opposed to performance related. Yet, doing it near the holidays is never very easy - or is it?

Perhaps she saw it coming (she should have) and built in a coping mechanism. Perhaps she just didn't care. Perhaps she hasn't grasped the severity of her actions and being without a job. Either way, the conversation lasted all of four minutes.....including discussing COBRA and such.

I mean, I showed up on site, unannounced, and she never asked me once why I was 2,400 miles from home with no warning. She had to know it was coming, right?

It all went off without incident. ...at least for that stage.

But trying to staff a workplace during the holidays with temporary folks (and from 2400 miles away) seems dicey at best - which is why I'll probably be on-site most of every week of December. So much for taking any time off.  However, it should solidify my Platinum airline status.

I don't talk about work much, but it is pretty tough lately. The struggle outweigh the victories, and it is a little defeating. On the other hand, I get to work from home when I am home (which isn't often lately), and I get to stay with Petey and Sophie, which means the world to me and them.

Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

Well, it's my bed time....if I were in the east.  But it's 20:00 and I'm going to bed.  Sad sad sad.

Song by: Pat Benatar


x said...

Sorry for the work strife man and I hear you, it is never easy. Im goign through some similar shit as well and it sucks. Keep yor chin up.

Cubby said...

"job... blows" LOL

Sounds like that poor woman has no idea how hard it is going to be to get another job, especially if she is old (your age or older).

BTW, are you coming to the big Spo blogger meet-up in March?

Erik Rubright said...

I had to fire someone not to long ago from the tattoo studio essentially for being stupid. It's not something I like to have to do, but sometimes it has to be done.

I really wish stupidity was painful for the people causing the stupid, and not to the people subjected to it.

Ur-spo said...

i hope by now things are better, yes.