Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ledge

Sunday we went on a hike.  Yes, a hike.

Not a long one, but a fun and pretty one.

Denton had never been to Virginia Kendall Park and there had been an article in the Sunday paper on it, so off we went.

I had been there.  Often.

When running cross country in high school, this park was the location of many a practice.  Not on the hiking trails - those were too rough for that kind of run.  So I have been there, just not in this capacity.

For the most part, we stuck to the Ledge Trail - and yes, it is what it sounds like - a bunch of rock formations that equate to a number of high and potentially dangerous ledges.

But it was shaded and cool(er) on this 90+ degree day.  Not cool enough where we weren't all sweaty halfway though, but still it was nice - and the scenery was quite impressive.  Most of these things you do not see in most of Ohio.

So now, a few pictures, because I know you come here more for those than my words.

I loved this sign. ..and the vandalism on it.  Of course, I went to the edge to have my picture taken and got "caught" by a park ranger.  We were all good. 

I saw this sign and immediately thought of Becky....and the Simpsons.

"No, they weren't all happy days. Like the time Pinky Tuscadero crashed her motorcycle, or the night I lost all my money to those card sharks and my dad, Tom Bosley, had to get it back."

This is Icebox Cave.  Really - it's about 20 degrees cooler (at least) than outdoors.  Even 20 feet away from the opening.  It was very refreshing.....and dark....and a bit scary.  There were supposed to be drawings of horses and some portraits dating back.......50 years!!!! (ooooh), but we never saw them.

I got a boo-boo on my hand falling down some slippery rocks. It looks like a stigmata, so now I know how Jesus felt.   ...and by Jesus, I meant the guy who sometimes tends our gardens, who probably hurts himself on pruning shears once a year.

I had no bottled water with me to clean the wound, so I improvised with spit until I could do what was needed.  Lovely, huh?

Can you believe how this natural rock formation just happened to resemble and function as a stair case?

Some actual rock formations.  I wish I had more than my iPhone with me.  I couldn't help but think how my cousin could have taken pictures that would have done this place justice. 

.....and yours truly standing atop the overlook for the hike.  It's mostly just Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but it was still very neat to be up there.

Song by:  Fleetwood Mac


Birdie said...

Very cool. It makes me want to go to Turkey Run, the prettiest park in Indiana. It has similar formations, with a stream bed carved from solid rock over the eons. Cool shady paths in the canyons. Ahhh. Meanwhile, I sit in air-conditioned comfort. :)

Mike said...

Looks like a nice walk...except you'll never catch me in Icebox Cave. Way too dark and scary for me. I hope your hand wound has taught you an important lesson about staying safe and sound at home (and like me, enjoying a bag of chips on the couch).

Cubby said...

Cool pics. Greg and I and his Dad checked it out a few years ago. Another great place is Whipps Ledges. Ever been?

rebecca said...

I hate the waiting game! Can't we play hungry hungry hippos??