Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Close (to the Edit)

Per this last Sunday's post, there was video shot of my greatest friend's get together over this past Memorial Day.  The video was made while I was trying to draft a post while sitting in Morty & George's backyard.

I think the in-sight camera ran for about 25 minutes, so Becky took the opportunity to edit that down to just a few minutes.

Over this last weekend, tweaks were made. Laughs were had.  She is so much better with iMovie than I am, not that I've really tried. Still, her skills are apparent in some things that you are about to see.

It is unfortunate that the laptop sat focused on me most of the time and that I come off as gayer than I want to, but such is life.

As I think you'll see, it is a funny group of folk with which I associate.  It is tough to keep up with them, in the humour department. We are a tough group.  Period.  I do pity anyone new who comes into the perimeter - it can be quite daunting.

But enjoy the video.  It's tough to catch everything in one sitting, so if you have to view it multiple times, no one would blame you.

Be warned:  there are belches. 

Song by: Art of Noise


Cubby said...

Naw, you didn't come off as too gay. You know the shower dance you did about a year ago? THAT was too gay!

I've been pronouncing "Denton" wrong in my mind this whole time.

Jim said...

Great video and editing!

I'd hate for some of my friends to video all of us together.

Birdie said...

"That's funny in any language."

I've been reading your blog on my iPhone, but the video doesn't appear there. Gotta fix that.

wcs said...

Best nuts ever. And they're all starring in this video! Great fun, and it put a smile on my face. :)

Brettcajun said...

OH MY GAWD. That was funny to see you in 3-D. You have great friends. :)

Curtis said...

I want to hang out with YOU guys!

Erik Rubright said...

I was torn between the Uterine Hat and the "Best Nuts In The World".