Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maybe You'll Be There

As the email with this image read:  "this is something I imagine we would have said...."  {i'm paraphrasing}

Morty sent the email and the picture.  ....the sentiment is something to which the five of us in our email group could all relate.  At least, once upon a time.  We're all grown and respectable now, so those things we once did and how we once acted are a thing of the past.

Unless you get us together for a weekend.  Even if it is just a quorum.

It is almost standard to have most of the group together - sometimes with spouses, sometimes without - once a year.  These can include holidays, a special visit from someone, or what that certain someone decides to have a heart attack and go into ICU.

As annoying scary as that last item was, it did give us a reason to spend a weekend together in 2010.  Oddly enough, we drank as much as normal and still functioned during daylight hours.  We. Are. Good.!!!

But I've seen Morty at least once this year on our own.  I've seen Dith this year - in Columbus and Cleveland.  I saw Becca and her husband at the holidays in December.  We were all together over Memorial Day.  I'm not sure we've seen each other this much since 1990.

And now this weekend.  Twice in a year.  Twice in two months!!!   Unheard of!

I don't think I skimmed emails, but Becky sometimes assumes she wrote stuff that we should have read when she clearly did not write anything of the sort.   But she's coming to the state and wanted to get together again in Columbus. 

That's fine.  I was happy to host, but we're going back down I-71 south to see what there is to see.   That would be Rebecca, Morty and Ditto.  ...and doggies.   Maybe George - but there is probably only so much he can stand of us.  It's totally understandable.  The same goes for Denton and Becky's husband.

We don't talk in code per se, but about people that they might never have met and have no point of reference....or interest.  We should probably be better about that and include them in our reindeer games.    .....and it shouldn't be all about the past anyways.  We're not AARP members................yet.

I traveled most of this week.  I travel most of the next three weeks.....and only for these people would I take the two days I am not on the road and get back on the road.

Actually Denton was not able to attend, so it was just five of us.

I'll be honest, it is a drunk weekend.  Beer. Beer. Beer.   .......and Girls.

Just a bunch of friends sitting around drinkin'.   ...and playing pool (me, badly) and playing darts.  Electronic darts.  Not real darts.

 I'm a winner!  I needed a machine to tell me this, but I'll take the validation any way I can.

It's the group, plus one.  Nothing against Josh - on the far left, but he could be one of our kids almost.  So young.  So young.  ...and yes, this was taken in a bar.  

So later in the week you'll see a video that Becca made and edited.  Actually, it was filmed in May but we weren't sure what to do with all the video, but I think she did a good job.  You'll just have to wait a few.

Ok.  Off to lunch.......and drink.

Song by:  Diana Krall

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Mike said...

So where are all your travels taking you to? I'm heading to NYC for a quick conference later this week. It's a nice four-hour high-speed train ride from Boston that dumps me right in Penn Station. A great city to do business in -- WAY too expensive to think about living there. But it's great to travel on my company's dime.