Thursday, July 28, 2011

Private Idaho

I've been in Idaho the last few days.  I'm not hating it.

I was here two months ago, but for a total of 4 hours, including TSA, taxiing and take-off.  Yeah, it's been all work, but it's not a bad place.  Sure, allegedly the politics are way to the right,

Terrain alone, it's pretty cool.  The mountains, the valley, all of their designated bike lanes.  They tell me the winters are really not that harsh there - at least in the valley.

....but I can't get past their right wing-ed-ness. Or supposed right-leaning stuff.  I don't go "out" when I'm home, so I certainly don't go "out" when I travel.  ....well.....rarely.  I have to believe that Boise has gay bars....or bar....but I don't know how many homos are around here, let alone out.  They'd probably all be college kids who'd call me 'daddy' and then I'd have to fling myself off of one of those big hills.

I've played this all out in my head - and it's not a pretty ending.

I have other not-pretty endings.  My little stomach thing still plagues me.  Or plaques me. Either/or.  Right now it's not as bad as it was, but I could have said that 24 hours ago.....but then 18 hours ago, I would have told you that 'assisted suicide' seemed like an ok option.   Hey, I'm close to Oregon  - and it's legal there, right?  It's easier than raising Jack Kevorkian from the grave.

As for Denton, who claims he doesn't read my blog, because he lives it, emailed me yesterday to tell me he is the boss of me.   He really isn't.  That would be Sophie. .....and Denton knows that.

On the plus side, remember how I said that I was one good stomach flu away from my goal weight?

In BMI chart terms,  185 is my threshold for being 'overweight'.  This 185 however, included shirt, t-shirt, belt, slacks, shoes, one iPhone taking the picture and one blackberry attached to my hip.  That's like 17 5 pounds right there.

I know I won't keep that weight off - not via this method, but it's nice to know that I can make 180 given the chance.  Where do I go from here to a better state than this?  Where?

Song by:  the B-52s


Birdie said...

I can tell you that Boise has at least gay-ish bars; when we were downtown in '08, there a number of spots with solely male clientele on the sidewalk tables where my husband would have been uncomfortable. :)

tornwordo said...

That song from the previous post was cool! All you did was talk?

You sound kind of out of it on your blog post. Maybe a doctor's visit is in order?

Get well blobby!

Ur-spo said...

Someday I would like to see the state. I want to see if it is as bad as people say it is in terms of politics.
Then again, I have never been to Utah.

brian said...

Congrats on hitting your target weight,which ironically we share.
As to Idaho, let it remain private.
We need you here in the Western Reserve to help us buffer 'Up South' Ohio!
If stomach issue lingers, get professional help.

A Lewis said...

Ada County (Boise) = 37% for John Kerry (man, that's been a long time ago). State of Idaho = 27% for John Kerry. Not great but far better than I'd thought. Now, perhaps, I need to get my stats updated. Glad you enjoyed my home town. I love those hills on the north side of the valley.