Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's Be Friends

I'm kind of loving my social life these days.   Our social life, I guess.

I am pretty sure I mentioned we have new gays in the 'hood and we've done a number of the things with Tom & Sal.  This last Friday we joined them along with some more established friends for dinner and drinks at a house down the street.

Amongst those folks were some out of town 'mos as well.  I think there were 16 of us in total.  I really got along with one of those guests of honor and they'd be an ok couple to hang with, if they lived in the same city.....or state, but they don't.

It was a little sad sitting with one of the other guys in attendance.  He felt he was forced into a life of marriage and kids and was never able to truly come out to he cared most about while they were alive and actively hid his true self.  At 58 he feels he's too old to date and has given up on being in a relationship.   I am sure it was harder to be out when he was younger - the world isn't like it is now.  And I'm sure it's tougher to be almost 60 and attempting to date.  I'd like to think that I wouldn't have given up, but there's no way of truly knowing that.

Still, overall, there were many laughs and best yet, I could get drunk and walk home - which is just what we did.

Yesterday was our second viewing of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Pt 2.   This time with our friends David & James - whom we just adore.   And since David & James had not seen it - this viewing was in IMAX and 3-D.

The IMAX was seemingly no different, no better, than the other 3-D version we saw last week.  That all said, I liked the movie a lot more this time than the first.  Some of the issues I had with the film still existed, but I really noticed some nuances with other things and really could enjoy it - especially Snape.  He won't get it, but Alan Rickman is deserving of at least an Oscar nomination, if not a win

I do not doubt, I enjoyed the movie somewhat more because of the company, no offense to my nephew.  Denton & I enjoy their company so much and it was fun to discuss the film with them afterwards - for what little time we had before other engagements.

....and the IMAX 3-D glasses are soooooo much cooler than the regular 3-D specs, don't you think??

Song by:  the Lovemakers


A Lewis said...

I'm in love with your specs.

Anonymous said...

Magoo. Mr Magoo, super geek. Nothing is well, geekier than telling people you saw a movie in 3D and it was just OK, and then saying you are going back to see it in IMAX 3D. BTW, You should have spent the money getting that guy an escort.

brian said...

The specs for IMAX 3D are way cooler than the regular theatre pair.
Sad to hear about age preventing happiness for your friend,but is giving up on the search the answer?
Could he be clinically depressed?
I kinda like the escort suggestion, but the pickings in Cleveland are slim to none!

don said...

send mr latecomer over my way.

Cubby said...

I had hoped you would report the IMAX version was more vivid and intense. I'm disappointed you didn't think it was (if I read you correctly).

anne marie in philly said...

you look like lady gaga!

Ur-spo said...

I have a fondness for big loud yellow glasses; you look fab!

Beartoast said...

There are a number of us late bloomers around. Send him my way . . . .