Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fourth of July

Yes, I know this is the Fifth.  But I couldn't report on the Fourth before the Fourth....could I?

Our 'hood has a little parade - a walk-about, really - that goes from the Bloody Mary station to the retirement home.  Then it's off to a picnic.

I use the parade time to catch up with neighbors I don't see a lot and get the dirt.  There wasn't much of that yesterday.  Nothing new.   And I also like that the 'hood homos don't cluster together and we are really accepted by all our neighbors.

Ok,  three of these four Wheaten terriers are owned by two gay couples, so many of us were clustered here, but over all, not so much.  I love these guys - the dogs, that is.  Especially  the one on the right.  Her name is Lola (she was a showdog....).  She's not really a showdog, but I have to Manilow it up. 

Yes, this castle is the retirement home - the end of the parade route.  Maybe Denton and I can be placed there when our time comes - like 4.5 years from now.  I think in six years, this is the best attended 4th.

Oddly enough, the two Ina Garten inspired cakes in the title image weren't even brought to the picnic by the gays.  Poor Grace, the maker of the left cake.....no one touched it.  I think she planned at the end of the picnic to give it to the old folks home.  She tried to get me to take it and have an impromptu party.  I didn't see that happening - and all I'd be left with was 14,500 calories.

Speaking of Ina - our contribution to the food was her coleslaw with blue cheese.  It was a hit, if I say so myself.  It was good, if I say so myself!

Cleaning up took longer than making it. 

The sauce as a snap - mayo, mustard, vinegar, celery salt, salt and pepper.  And I made it the night before.

 Doing cabbage in the food processor was the bad clean up part. I think I could have just used a good knife and chopped it as easily.  Maybe. 

 The carrot shot.

 I'd say this is the final shot, but I forgot to take one after I added the cause and blue cheese. 

While on the parade, a woman asked me what we were bringing.  We had a funny exchange that she thought I could have just bought Marzetti dressing and bagged cabbage.  And we could have and it would have been fine.  But we are gay and have that Fussy Faggot Factor.  Gotta one-up the straights. It's in the job description, people!!!

Yes, I'm in the food line behind the girl in the Daisy Dukes and the yellow shirt.  I was there for the fashion.

This isn't the last neighborhood event of the year.  We have two other big ones - in August and September (or October).  It's not that I want to miss any of them, but if it interferes with the vacation we haven't yet planned, I'm not moving this would-be trip.

Song by:  Lori Carson


Cubby said...

I see children who are not staring zombie-like into their video games or smart phones. Where in the hell were you? Surely not in America!

Birdie said...

I love this. I've been in our neighborhood for 29 years, and we had a parade for a couple of years but that's it. Too many transitions. I envy your closeness.

Will J said...

The real fear of same sex marraige and integration into the community is that "teh Gays" will insidiously raise the minimum standards at community dinners and pot lucks. As you have just demonstrated with your freshly made coleslaw, there is fear that a Costco sized bag of dried out shredded cabage and a bottle of industrial salad dressing just won't pass (as well it shouldn't).

Ur-spo said...

And the gays will have much better Daisy Dukes.