Monday, July 25, 2011

My Music Monday

I was a forward thinking gay back in the very early '80s. I liked Bananarama when they performed with Fun Boy Three and way before the beginning of the end with their cover of Shocking Blue's "Venus".  That song and album were even fun, but they saw the commercial aspect and ran towards its light.

But even when FBT was left behind by Bananarama, for the hit parade, and helping out a fledgling music channel, I still liked some of Bananarama's stuff before it got all Stock-Aiken-Waterman produced and sounded just like the Rick Astley shit those producers also put out.

1984 was the year "Cruel Summer" made its debut in the States - a year earlier in the UK.

But oh, how I remember that summer.  I was in NYC that entire summer and it was a scorcher.  This was before most subway cars had a/c in them, so by the time you got to work, you were soaked through.  But everyone was.  Twas the way of the world.

The sweltering that goes on in the video is exactly how I remember that summer....but without the truck driver avec neckerchief and the Boss Hog and Enus-like doufus guys chasing them for closing down their gas station(?).  What's that about?

....and $1.48 for petrol.  Oh, that just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. did the way the three of them were meant to walk/skip together.  Oh, those crazy 80's music video directors!!!!  I also think it was a physical impossibility for those girls to throw banana peels out and around of a truck cab, and down past 25 feet to hit that police car windshield.  I just do not believe it!!!

Oddly enough, two of those three 'ramas are still around putting out some kind of music.  I stopped listening to them 25 years ago...or at least buying.  I did buy Sibohon Fahey (the one in the white overalls) who went on to do much better things like heroin and her post-Bananarama "group",  Shakespears Sister.  ....not in that order, I think.  She is still making music under that moniker.

Since it has been so hot for everyone in the U.S. who might read this blog, I figured this the perfect time to toss one back to the 80s and something to which everyone can currently relate.

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Anonymous said...

I also had soo much fun the summer of 84. Fell madly in love with in London with someone who spent all of their time screwing my “friends” behind my back – and it was still a great summer. And that song reminds me of it. :)