Monday, July 11, 2011

My Music Monday

I have talked about David Broza here before.

A Hebrew-Spanish-English singer (in that order) / guitarist.

I think the first time I purchased one of his disks was in the early '90s.  Most of this stuff I had to look for or find in the International Music section (people, this was way before amazon or iTunes! - yes, I'm ancient, I get it!!!) 

And actually, I had an opportunity to see him a few months after that first purchase - like three doors down from where I was living in Columbus.  Tom G (whom I dragged with me) and I were two of about a dozen people in the bar.  Yes, a bar!

Broza totally blew me away with his guitar playing.  It doesn't hurt that he is one hot Heeb.

I did see him a few years later when Denton and I moved to Cleveland.  There he sang in almost all Hebrew, but considering the population, it made sense.

Broza's last English language disk did not go over well with me.  That is unfortunate, because he so rarely puts those out.  It's not where his core demographic resides.  It's not an album I come back to often.

Yes, I follow the man on FB - sue me.   A few months ago he was soliciting people. via FB, to fund his new disk. I'm ok with this.  Certain donations got you certain things, be it album credits, signed stuff, "free disks".  I didn't donate.

But that is the new way music is being made, since many are foregoing the major record label.  I'm actually ok with that.  You gotta get music to the people someway and bucking the system if the way to go.

"Holem" (or "Dreaming") is the first song off of this soon-to-be-released disk.   Even if you don't understand the lyrics, you might like the tune.  I do until the end - when he brings in the background singers.  Totally not needed.

We'll see if he sustains it for a full disk, but I'm liking what I hear............................and see.  

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