Friday, July 22, 2011

Site of the Month

As movies go, things do not move me all that much.  I don't suspend my disbelief when it comes to schlock like Independence Day or The Transporter.  I watch the latter hoping Jason whathisname will take off his shirt - or have a full suit on.  Either way, I'm happy.

I'm never happy when I have to see Jeff Goldblum "act". 

But when I was young, I did like Patty Duke in The Miracle Worker.  And really, has Anne Bancroft ever done anything bad?  I mean, except for one of her husband's films, which name is escaping me at this moment. 

When you're a kid, you learn about Helen Keller and Louis Braille and how they were pioneers for people with disabilities.   Yeah, then you have to sit through Mary on Little House on the Prairie - which really didn't make you feel that bad for her. 

So I just happened upon a site that some info on Helen Keller and how helpful it probably is to kids who are learning about her and how she dealt with her struggles.

I hope it's something you take with you and pass along to those who are indifferent to the disabled.

Welcome to the site:  The Helen Keller Simulator.


Erik Rubright said...

I think I just peed myself laughing so hard.

I'm so going to Hell.

rebecca said...

Muriel you're awful!!!!!