Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fire in Your Belly

There is a line in The Devil Wears Prada, where one assistant says, "I'm just one good stomach flu away from my goal weight".   I can relate.....not that it was the way I wanted to hit that milestone.

I've been a little under the weather for the last few days.  I don't know what is going on and while I assume a doctor might be able to help with the symptoms, it is doubtful they'd know the source.

I won't go into the graphic details, but technically it is not stomach flu.  Not that some of the symptoms are any less pretty.  To go this with continual "problem", it has also affected my sleep.  Big time.

In the past I have mentioned I don't sleep a lot.  I have been so much better these last few months.  Unknown to me, some of my sleeplessness may have been due to job stress.   Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting nearly the amount people recommend, but I'm doing better about sleeping through the night - just not adding to the total hours.  Hey, it's progress. 

Anyways, I have not gotten much sleep over the last two days at all.  When not actually being ill, I'm awake, or in partial sleep, worried about getting ill.  It has not been productive to getting rest or to heal.

And I had a temp, which now seems to be gone. I was only 100, but that's high for me. I normally run at 96, not 98.6.   Enough ibuprofin took care of that and the skin sensitivity I had on some of my extremities.

Of course, I'm forcing (or trying to) fluids, but that holds no appeal.  Neither does food.  Carrots and applesauce was my lunch yesterday, and I didn't even finish it all.

Today I get on plane for the west.  This should be interesting.

Denton told me yesterday, you can't travel if you still feel this way.  He's not the boss of me!!!  I really have no choice. It's a meeting I cannot miss - it's already a difficult client. One that doesn't really care about anyone's hardship other than their own.

I have a strategy, of course.  I've moved my seats to the back of the plane, closer to a restroom to minimize the risks.  

...and hey, if this continues another few days, I will have reached my goal weight.

Song by:  Liam Finn


Cubby said...

Remember the old SNL skit about "Colon Blow"?

Birdie said...

I hope you cancel the next few days' appointments after this trip. You need to rest! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Denton should be the boss of you in this case. And you should let him be - its one of the true values of marriage. The day a “difficult client” is more important than your health is a day you need to revisit your priorities in life. I hope you get better soon.

AJohnP said...

Argh!!! Feel better soon. That's an order. ;-)

BosGuy said...

Oh no... I know exactly which line you speak of and have referenced it in the past (mostly as a joke).

I hope you feel better and soon. If you're looking for some additional weight to take back after this episode passes, I'd be happy to volunteer the extra few pounds which have decided to take up residence on me.


Erik Rubright said...

Get to feeling more Blobby-like soon!

And if the meeting with the difficult client goes South, you could always go "gray-water sprinkler" all over them!

Ur-spo said...

bad way to loose weight, my dear!
Get well soon!

tornwordo said...

LOL @Erik I lost 10 pounds after a particularly bad flu once. You might as well get something out of the misery, right? And hey, you're not supposed to get on an airplane in that state! Spreading those germs on everyone. Denton was right.