Friday, July 29, 2011

Here With Me

I'm home. I have no post planned. I have nothing poignant or witty to say. So where does that leave me?

Tick Tick Tick....if I want to do a Record of the Month - Classic this month. I had drafts, but I'm much too tired to dive into it.

I think it's time to call my doctor.  It's been almost a full week.  I'm kind of better, kind of not.  Not better enough, that's for sure.   This is bullshit.

I did have a brush with "fame" yesterday while at the Denver International Airport.  I got up from my seat to take a look at the upgrade board (I was on it, but #9 - so I knew it wasn't going to happen) and who took my seat(s)?  Fucking douchebags from Motley Crew.

Or as I titled this pic (or one similar) in my FB page:  Vince Neil and his two walking STDs.

These guys are such stars that they travel with their own sluts, and their manager is such an ass, he wears his tour badge around in the airport and on the flight, because someone is always checking his access, right?

To be fair, I somehow know who Neil and the only other true band member there, Nikki Sixx (sp?)
are, but I'd be hard-pressed to name a song and 99.99% I couldn't hum or sing one. score one for me!

At first I was happy I wasn't in first class, as they were and who wants that?  But then there was an empty seat next to me and the skanks were relegated to coach and as they walked down the plane I kept saying under my breath:  "please not here, please not here, please not here".   Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), they had seats together, further back, where they could talk about the debt ceiling and debate Steven Hawking's theories on the universe.

My favourite was walking behind the "ladies" up the jetway when we arrived in Cleveburgh.  Both wearing cut off jean shorts so tight that I'm sure they got yeast infections - but that's probably a continual issue for these two anyways. turns to the other and goes, "oh my g-d, my fly (do girls use the term 'fly' for their zippers too?) was down the entire time."

Yeah honey, because that was your biggest moment of embarrassment....and your one moment of modesty.  

Song by: Dido


brian said...

Thank you!
You made my Friday begin with a huge smile and chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Talk about shouting at the devil…or “Silly rabbit, tricks are for rockstars”.

TO be fair it’s been 20 years since Motley Crue could be considered “stars”.

You don’t know how lucky you are. The monumentally epic prick of Motley Crue is Tommy Lee. That would have been a narcissistic nightmare. And his groupies would have been 3X as skanky.

(Next time please include a pic of skanks butts so your readership can get a better understanding of these people.)
That’s not you at the 8 minute mark is it? ;) Hoping you feel better soon.

David G said...

Wow Blobby, pretty vicious. Do I detect a touch of skank envy?

Blobby said...

Mr. G - there is no envy, skanky or otherwise. Trust me.

...and for such "hard rockers" that they are, I never once mentioned his girly Louis Vuitton luggage.