Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warm Ways

Normally I don't care for most commercials. Normally I don't watch most commercials - that's why remotes and DVRs exist.

Oh, how Morty went on once about the "Roy" commercial, to the tune of one of the Rocky songs....and then there was the thing about "French benefits". It took me forever before I finally saw them.

But show me a commercial, that has animals and isn't an ASPCA/Sarah McLachlan (I give them money, but I cannot stand seeing abused animals), and I'll stick around to watch. That ad where the dog buries his bone, dreams about it and then takes it to a safety deposit box will keep me on the channel at all times.

So I was just being lazy and watching an NFL play-off game (I know - right?) and saw an ad for a new Nissan electric car. One I will never buy, but that's not really the point. I'm not sure an ad has ever swayed me to make any purchase.

In the ad, I do like how Nissan acknowledges climate change.

There have been recent polls and data out that show alllll those folks who used to trend in favour of believing in climate change are now back at pre-An Inconvenient Truth numbers. Frustrating.

I'd say it's a cute ad, but it's not. It has cute aspects and it is well done. Still some of the opening shots just break what little heart I have.

Song by: Fleetwood Mac


don said...

I like that most of the commercial was filmed here in Vancouver. I recognize the streets, buildings and nature trails that I run on.

rebecca said...

Yay, Nissan isn't any longer responsible for helping destroy our environment!