Monday, January 03, 2011

Simon's Final Thought

This is my last 2010 related blog post (I am pretty sure) - hence the 'final thought' in the title.

I'm "swiping" the meme from Spo - but he is kind of hoping people do. I would hate to say it is "filler", but I'd be hard pressed to say I'm not using it as such.

2010 Accomplishment

We got married. November 17th. We're not sure what anniversary we're supposed to celebrate now. We'll end up being like Gloria on Modern Family who celebrates 'first kiss', 'first dinner', etc.

Oh, and I stuck to the gym routine and blogging once a day/every day.

2010 Discovery

I'm stumped. Have I been let in on any discoveries?

Favorite 2010 Vacation/Holiday

While I should say DC and our wedding, I'd have to say Montreal.

It was new to me/us. The city - old and new - were great and I loved loved loved Bixi. Yeah, they are not the greatest bikes in the world, but what a way to get around town easily, on the cheap and I didn't break an exercise routine in the process.

There is also some incredible food up there too. ....and I got to meet Tornwordo.

Best dining in 2010

It wasn't fancy or anything, but most times I go to DC I like to eat at Commissary up on P St. My friend, Brad, turned me onto it years ago when it was named something else. It is mostly standard fare, but I love their Skirt Steak with Chimichurri. I'm a creature of habit and eat it almost every time I'm in town. I got to eat it twice this year.

Second would be a tie: Buddakan or Vietnam - both in Philadelphia. The latter is more swanky of a place, but the latter is much more casual. Both had incredible food.

2010 Regret

I'm not sure I have any regrets. I'm sorry we did not do better job on wedding planning where we could have had more of our friends with us. I'm still stuck on that it would have been an expense for them for our event. GUILT!

And while I think they'd like to have shared the day with us and have all of us spend time together - that is what heart attacks and visiting folks in the hospital are for!!! : )

Magic Moment in 2010

It was the wedding. No doubt.

After being together for what is soon to be 26 years, you'd think it wouldn't be so emotional, but it is quite the opposite. As often as we've all heard the vows in countless television shows and movies, Denton expressed it quite well: "those words have little meaning to couples who are just starting out - we have been through them". True that.

Sickness and Health. Better and Worse. Richer and Poorer. It was what made us cry during the ceremony.

What states did you visit in 2010?

In no particular order - Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Tennessee, Illinois, Oklahoma, North Carolina, District of Columbia (technically not a state), New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida and Maryland.

Mostly all of it was for work, though VT, PA, DC and NY had multiple visits, some of which were non-work related.

The 2010 Surprise

It's minor: that I played golf, didn't suck at it completely and didn't hate it as much as I remembered, which is why I quit 12 years ago. My sister mentioned something to me that never occurred to me: I'm working out and stronger, so you're hitting the ball farther.

Three 2011 Goals

1. To get through the 10 weeks of personal training. If you break it down, I just have to make it through ten 30-minute sessions. It's not like I'm trapped under a rock and sawing off my own arm.

2. To cook more. I find it relaxing and I try to experiment a little, but I haven't done enough of it and we end up in the same food patterns. I want to change the variety.

3. A house renovation that is not landscaping. We've done a lot of that over the last three years, but haven't done a major inside project for four. ...and there is a lot to be done.


Cubby said...

Nice list Blobby. When I saw "Buddakan" I misread it at first...

anne marie in philly said...

awwwwwwwww, the "magic moment" paragraph brought tears to my eyes (sniff). how touching!

perhaps we can meet if you get to philly this year, blobby!

Ur-spo said...

jolly good fun reading.
I hope your cooking goal is achieved .