Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Town

This is not a new video - actually, at this point it is a few years old and made waves around our fair city. Most of them not the good kind.

But it struck a nerve due mostly to its accurate depiction. Ok, it's not quite accurate, but one could see how it is like this here in Cleveburgh.

I had seen it before, but my long-time friend (I guess I'm not supposed to say 'old'), David G, sent this to me since he thought it was funny. ...he also thought it was new since Tosh.0, as goofy-looking cute as he is, must have featured it on one of his shows.

There is a sequel video too, which was just bad

....and yes, I'm traveling, so it's really easy to post stuff like this when I don't have tons of time to craft my own, more original, stuff.

Song by: the Michael Stanley Band


David G said...

Just two short years and I can take you out to Denny's with my AARP discount. Then you can use the word "old"

Ur-spo said...

I enjoy your posts either way.

Cubby said...

I didn't realize there was that much parking downtown. It's kind of scary really. Why couldn't I ever find any when I needed it?