Friday, January 07, 2011

Bear on the Beach

It was a bear to get from the airport to home. 4" of snow or so, not that in theory that should be a big deal in January, in Cleveland. But I guess maybe a plow touching any of these roads would have made things more passable.

The freeway had zero demarcation when it came to defining lanes. It was frickin' anarchy. I was moving between 35-40 mph, which was ok (I do have all wheel drive), but these asshole drivers were almost tailgating me so they could figure out where to go. If I had to brake, they would have slammed right into me.

It was a icky ending to a somewhat nice work week down in North Carolina.

As promised, I am posting the video I took but couldn't upload via iPhone. It's nice, but it looks crisper on the actual phone than it does through a YouTube upload.

But it will be nice to view until we see Spring here.

Song by: A Camp


Birdie said...

Oh, that is lovely. Is that Venus in the sky?

Cubby said...

Are you sure the others were tailgating you? Maybe after your big station wagon wallowed by, the others just got sucked in behind you :-o

brian said...

Glad travel is NOT a part of my job.
Making the slog from the airport does not sound like fun.
Clevelanders a notorious for not using turn signals as well.
Your ability to record some beauty is more than an equalizer.

Ur-spo said...

I remember those kind of drives; I don't miss them.
I did like being homebound in a blizzard.

cb said...

I've been to Wrightsville MANY times.