Friday, December 11, 2009

You Win Again

....well, not again, so much as for the first time. A Bloggie is out of the question for me, as I just don't have that kind of pull. I want to be a fun blog and not a professional blog, which are the ones who always seem to win and nominated.

But Larry, over at Patently Queer passed along the award to me. Well, me and four others. Sigh. Just like Brettcajun, I am included where "we're all winners". That only happens in Little League where everyone then gets a trophy, even for coming in dead last. Hello??? Do we remember the failure I was at the Jiggy Whore DanceOff III?

It still stings. Sob.
But I did win the 'Prrrrrrfect Blog Award'. And I am a cat guy - though this feline is tad bit scary. Like Stephen King novel, scary. Am I lying?

All that being said, Larry said some really nice things about me, which I will repost here:

Blobby’s Blog — Blobby is up in Cleveland, my old stomping grounds, and what I consider to be the best place I’ve ever lived. He just completed a one-year marathon in which he posted every single day for a year. I’m lucky if I can post half that often! His dry wit and subtle nuances are right up my alley.

See Jon/Morty/Becca/Dith: I am subtle!

I think I'm supposed to pass this along to other bloggers I read, and I'm happy to do it, but I don't know I have 5 that haven't already received it. But I'll at least try:

Rebecca Flowers. ...and while I love her like the wife I'll never have, her blogging, as of late....well..........just doesn't exist. I give her slack for that - with those two kids she has to help raise, her teaching job and trying to get her second novel published (which I am not a part of this time - yet she still gets the shout out). That she really is a great writer doesn't hurt either.

Jake, over at NoFo. I don't know him. I think we've exchanged two emails - and that's it. But I really like his writing style. He's funny - and not hard on the eyes. (Morty, he's a marathoner.) But he's not fond of least as of late, so he might not like this award. I don't know if he visits my blog, so he might not even know the award exists.

Curtis, over at Let Me Tell You About It, Sweetie. I like anyone who likes me....but not in that creepy way. ...and I'm not saying he's creepy. Curtis' posts are usually short and to the point, but I check him out regularly - just to make sure he's out there writing.

And I'd be remiss for not bringing attention to Tornwordo and Birdie. Two other blogs I visit daily - whether they post or not. I have to check, right? You should too.

...on a side note, I forgot how much I really really like the title song of this post.

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


Birdie said...

Well, aren't you sweet. Shucks. Although I'm currently cat-free, the last time that happened was 1979; so I'm all over cat-themed awards. Thanks, Blobby. (Now I've got to think of something cogent to say on my blog. Homework!)

Curtis said...

Aww. Thanks, man! I do have 7 feral cats that like to stay in the barn and visit the back porch for kitty supper. Lately, they've even let me pet them a bit -- with only minimal scratching of the hands.

anne marie in philly said...

your blog title was a popular song on the country charts when my marriage was breaking up; my ex always had to "win". thank dog he is on the west coast and I haven't had to speak to him since 1993!

rebecca said...

I'm #1! I'm #1! And LOL, I tried logging in to my blog the other day and I'm LOCKED OUT!!!