Sunday, December 27, 2009

Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday

As promised, or threatened - depending on your take - I can now give a recap on the holiday.

It was nice, but pretty low key. Just the way we like it. Enough family stuff and friend stuff to make it memorable, but enough alone time too.

The night before, we spent at my sisters. It was the day after my dad's birthday and the day of my mother's. No structure, not really - but it was all good. And lots of good food we all just brought. Now, I like going because I get to do some hang-time with my sister's dog, Petey. He's the best beagle ever (sorry Mort).

Unfortunately, Petey had doggie-pneumonia (who knew it existed?) and could barely get out of his doggie-bed. His double-decker doggie-bed. He likes to stack his brother's bed on top of his. He's a little territorial, but the sweetest dog ever.

We then came home to our own home - and our tree.

This year we used colored lights. It was a change-up from the white ones we almost always use. It was hard to focus without the flash.

It looked underwhelming with the flash.

Then the next morning we did something better than the cereal and oatmeal we would normally have breakfast. We attempted (and succeeded) in making Eggs Benedict. Not too shabby - as you can see.
Then when we exchanged our gifts, Sophie decided to watch and even participate.

You haven't really seen her for a while, but she has gotten so big. Still not huge, but normal size.
She is as even as big as our new dog!

Ok - not a real dog. Becky brought us a stuffed Jack Russell Terrier. Sophie wasn't too a-scared of him/her, but Tovah was a bit taken aback. Of course, Sophie has never encountered a pooch prior to, but Tovah has. After Tovah crouched and backed away slowly, she eventually went nose to nose (just like Sophie above) and then they both just ignored him.

I doubt that would happen when and if we ever get a real dog. Maybe we will. With the new job I can work from home, so maybe to acclimate everyone we can try it then. Maybe.

But we did have a great dinner with Becca. And a few hours of just shooting the shit. It's never enough time, so we enjoy every moment we have together.

That was the holiday in a nutshell.

Song by: Don Dixon & Marti Jones


Morty said...

The double decker bed is hilarious - that Petey!!

A Lewis said...

A nice holiday, it looks like. Happy for you boys. Love that little puppy laying in the bed.

tornwordo said...

Sorry, but Georgie is the best. Looks like happy times.

rebecca said...

Thanks for the hotlink! Keep up the good work!