Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One More Bite of the Apple

I have mentioned here my cousin, David. I have also mentioned that he is a little nutso.....and that is a good thing. I appreciate it in him and Denton noticed some mannerisms in David that he sees in me, which I don't think I really want to go into.

The phrase Denton uttered was the oft used / apple / tree / falling / certain distance/ reference. I kind of like that, even separated by decades of not seeing each other, that our relations are still tied closely together.

The apple reference is also important to this post in another way. The other day I got an email from David saying, "I saw this and thought of you....." It is a little on-line story worthy of CSI: Stockholm. (I'll wait while you go read it........)




are you back yet?

I started my reply back with, "note to self: don't eat the fallen fermented apples...", then I kind of shifted gears and said, "wait, you saw this story and 'thought of me'???"

His reply was great: "When I read this story I thought only you could end up being accused of something so stupid only to be vindicated by alcohol and deer pubic hair after waiting 5 months. I thought of you because it seems to crazy and the fact that the government would take 5 months to release the data, well, who else can I share that with. Also, you have a big enough yard to have an apple tree so don't plant one."

So, I lovingly call David "nutso", but in reality, if I'm the only person he can share that with - what does that say about me?

Denton was probably closer to saying that than I was picking up on.

Song by: Neil Diamond


Birdie said...

Add fallen fermented oranges to your list. Robins discovered them in FL, where everyone has an orange tree in his yard. Since everyone has one, no one wants your leftovers; and oranges are left to decompose on the ground. In January, the road is littered with robins who tried to fly and couldn't get out of the way of the cars.

A Lewis said...

It appears to me that your family is no more sane than mine. And here, all along, I thought it wasn't so.....

Larry Ohio said...

It's a good story, but I'm interested in the mannerisms Denton thinks you and David have in common. Nose picking? Ball scratching? Ass grabbing? Do you both hang left? What is it?!!

Blobby said...

No mannerisms outing at this moment - but for the record, I dress right.