Monday, December 28, 2009

9 Crimes

It is possible we will make our movie goal for 2009. But at what cost? what cost?

When given a choice between a number of movies, for some reason I picked Nine. Avatar wasn't a choice, since we have plans to see that with friends later.

So remember when a few days ago, I said getting a Kelly Clarkson download might be the gayest thing I have done? Scratch that. Seeing Nine that. It also challenges Angels & Demons as the worst movie of 2009. It should be noted that Denton does not agree with this assessment.

"Felliniesque" is the best way to describe the style, I suppose since it was adapted from a Fellini film. The film boasts star quality - as most of the "stars" have Oscars......but you know my feeling on that.

Save the two who do not have Academy Awards (Fergie and Kate Hudson), no one is really awful - it just just seem to fire on any cylinders or gel in any kind of way. I know Fellini is supposed to give that impression, while ending up being able to do those things. The 'esque' part of this doesn't seem to get that.

Daniel Day-Lewis is always going to be a standout, but he seems to struggle with what he's been given. Marion Cotillard seems to be the best of the females (save maybe Judi Dench). She has the best role with the most depth (yes, even more than Day-Lewis) and the better singing voice. Ironically, she did not do her own singing in La Vie en Rose. I didn't mind Nicole Kidman either - speaking or singing.

But - ugh, Kate Hudson? Is there anyone on earth in this movie with less talent than she? Denton enjoyed her part and her number, but to me it looked like an outtake from the third Austin Powers movie (yes, I am inferring it wasn't good enough for even the first two!).

And - ugh, Fergie! Is there anyone else in this movie on earth with less talent than she? It's bad enough in the music world she's a white chick who thinks she is in some way black. She ain't. And her acting/pretending to be Italian here is no better. "Acting" is a strong word. She has no lines at all. Not one. Just a singing role.

I have seen Penelope Cruz in any number of things, and I'm not getting her appeal. I just don't get it. Pedro Almodovar might, but I do not. Sure, she's limber (see above image), but it just means she is really really good at yoga......or kind of a slut. I suppose there is no reason she can't be both.

At least with Chicago, I somewhat enjoyed the music. Not so much here. And you have to endure two or three of the songs a second time during the ending credits. Sure, I could have left, but I kind of like to see the credits.

I noticed everyone, except maybe Day-Lewis, cries during their songs or in their dialogue. For the life of me, I can't figure out why he didn't - maybe it is because he is such a great actor. I was on the verge of tears - and not because of emotion.

So we've made it to #11 in the quest. I'm thinking that seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel with Becky over the weekend wouldn't have been such a bad idea at this point.

Song by: Damien Rice


cb said...

Damn, i thought it was going to be good. Sort of like "Chicago" good. :-(

Kris said...

Oh, great. I'm getting dragged to this next week for a girls' night out. Yawn.

Brettcajun said...

I am watching Avatar in 3-D Thursday. I always see lots of movies I want to watch, but I never seem to go very often. :( I need to change that!