Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can't Complain

Oh, but I can Nickel Creek. I can. ....and I will.

See, now that a year was up, I bet you all thought I took a break. I did not.

Once again, my lovely host server hit a major snafu and while on my end, via the editor, it looked the like yesterday's post posted, it did not. And not that their "technical support" was technically savvy or supportive. So I hung in limbo for a day. did you, since you seemingly hang on my every word.

I have to do a little research and just get the fuck off that host server.

So yesterday's post is now up and so is today's - which is this little rant!

Song by: Nickel Creek


Larry Ohio said...

Blobby, I got two words for you: Blue Host.

Do it.

anne marie in philly said...

I wondered what happened...

PS - word is "derench" as in "de host server threw de rench into de mix and de leted your post!" just a little midnight humor there...