Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Title. No Song. No Concentration.

Just a brief post.

I'm as ready for the holiday as possible. Or at least as good as it's gonna get.

Gifts are bought, if not necessarily all wrapped. Food is ready to be eaten and eaten and eaten. I'm mentally gearing up for family stuff, but whatta gonna do?

Yesterday, work folk surprised me with a going away cake. A nice gesture for sure, even though I still have a week left - and then some, and that it was the most g-d awful cake ever. Cake was bad, icing was worse.

I boogied out of work early too so that I might have drinks with my man-date, Scott. It was only two glasses of wine, but it was a nice time. He always makes me laugh.

So this morning, after work-out, I'll put in a few hours of "work", but I cannot imagine staying a minute past like 11:00a.

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Birdie said...

Today is the culmination of weeks of preparation for me, probably the busiest work day of the entire year. I am in charge of the children's Christmas Eve service, with a cast of 70 presenting to a crowd of 700-1000, mostly preschoolers. We've already had two cast changes in the past 24 hours, due to illness. Costumes need to be pinned to fit. Congregation materials need to be distributed. What did I forget?

Tonight, I will sit for one hour by myself and revel in the silence. Then I will be ready to celebrate Christmas myself. While it's going to be fun to open presents tomorrow morning, I'm more aware each year of the more precious gifts I've been given.

I am thankful for your friendship and your daily posts which greet me each morning. If you ever choose to skip a day, I'll still be here. Merry Christmas!