Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Out in the Cold

No, Sophie isn't left out in the cold - because we'd never allow that. Here she is sitting atop of a fleece blankie which sits on top of a radiator. She's the picture of comfort and warmth on a day that is bitter and snowy. Our first real snow of the season.

This picture was taken from the "warmth" of our kitchen on Sunday night. The headlights behind the tree give it an eerie look. It doesn't help that the iPhone doesn't have aperture settings to allow in more light without using a flash (not that the iPhone has a flash either). I use quotes with "warmth" because our kitchen is probably the least insulated room in our house. It is fucking freezing.

But it started snowing Sunday evening and went through Monday evening. It might still be snowing, it's just too dark out to see.

Normally, I do not mind clearing snow off our 80' driveway - mainly because we have a snow-blower. But it was like 17-18 degrees yesterday and that did not include the wind. And as you all might remember, I've become a huge freeze baby.

However, I did clear off the drive but it took umpteen times longer, as the wind was so fierce it blew the snow right back into me no matter which way I seemed to go.

So this morning, I need to find a way to get to the gym at 05:00 without freezing my keister off on the half a mile walk from my parking garage to the actual gym. I'm already talking myself out of not going at all........and that can't really happen.

Song by: Carole King


Larry Ohio said...

I love the pic of the tree. My neighbors across the street have two huge trees like that in their front yard and when the boughs are covered with snow like that it is so beautiful.

As for the gym, can't you deviate from your normal pattern and park your car at the gym? Isn't it worth a couple bucks in parking fees to park closer on the cold days? I'm lucky in that my new gym has a dozen parking spots within 30 feet of the front door.

Birdie said...

We're back from St. Louis, where the snow left only a dusting. SIX degrees here this morning. I do not enter that weather voluntarily.

Rather than walk outside, during the winter I walk the hallways of the church. During the day the sanctuary is empty, so that becomes part of my circuitous route. Not a bad routine.

David G said...

You need to invest in a pet Snuggie. Your child deserves sleeves!

cb said...

You make sure you pet Sophie and wish her a happy new year from Phoebe.