Saturday, December 05, 2009

To a Stranger

Day 366 - and still at it. We all knew, deep down, that I would be still doing this.

Last March I touted the iPhone app this is PhotoSwap. It's still an ok kind of thing, but the fun wore off soon. Thank g-d it was free, but then almost all of my apps are. I'm pretty cheap.

Quick recap on the app: you take a pic and hit 'send' and it goes to some other random iPhone user and you get one back. It is unclear to me if the you pic you get comes back from the user who gets yours. I suppose it does not matter that much. They/You can identify themselves/yourself as much or as little as they/you chose - along with a map of their general vicinity.

There is also the option to 'reply' to someone who has sent you a pic and vice versa.

Oh, it should be noted, like my Twitter account, my PhotoSwap account shamelessly advertises my blog URL. What can I say - I'm a BlogWhore. I gotta have the hits, man!

So, like I said, I got a bit bored with the app and only bring it out now and again to play with - so who knows what person saw whatever I sent (a half eaten bagel? a clementine sitting on my office desk?), and when. But when I logged onto it on Thursday, I had a message/reply waiting for me. ...and it was this picture:

How cool was that ????

I don't know if he/she is reading this now, but more power to them. More power to me.

You guys know I love my readers - so it is always fun to get more, even if I have to cheapen myself to do it. ...and I'm clearly not above doing that.

Song by: the Golden Palominos


Birdie said...

Just call it "sharing the love." Pretty clever, actually.

Larry Ohio said...

This seems very "Logan's Run" -- making connections with random people some computer picks.

A Lewis said...

In days of old when we went to church, it'd be called "Passing the Peace." How cool to be able to connect with who-knows-who in this day and age!

And besides, I like your blog too.

cb said...

I am SOOOO downloading photoswap right now!!!

tornwordo said...

I was looking for the app when it dawned on me. My ipod touch doesn't have a camera. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I was reading this and it dawned on me - that's my handwriting!!
Photoswap is quite the fun app, and glad it brought me to your blog. Thanks for writing about our brief passing on our iPhones!