Monday, December 07, 2009

Tiger Woods

Yes, there actually is a song called "Tiger Woods". I am not making this up. And yes, I own it.

Becky (and yes, she's hyperlinked b/c g-d help me if I forget!) turned me on to Dan Bern, wow, this has to be almost a decade ago. Trust me, the song has very little to do with golf and not exactly what you think it would be. The song is at least 10 years old, and why the man hasn't been actively using the recent headlines and the song title to bring attention to himself, well.....he clearly needs a better agent/publicist. It's all about timing and opportunity.

You've all heard the Tiger story anyway. Or stories (plural) and non-stories. My favourite one is Tiger's sex dream that involves Derek Jeter and David Boreanaz. Who knew straight men had fantasies about devil's three-ways? Especially when the guy fantasizing isn't even involved in the menage-a-trois.

But have you seen the CGI version of the "accident"? For this, you just have to love the Japanese (possibly Chinese or Taiwanese).

I'm personally waiting for the CGI of the chick-Boreanaz-Jeter porn movie.

Song by: Dan Bern

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Larry Ohio said...

Ewww, Gloria Allred makes me barf.