Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Not in the Mood (to say no)

Only what, 12 more days to go before xmas? I'm finally kind of getting in the mood. We've both been lax as to getting where we need to be for this time of year.

I finally have a gift or two purchased and the cards bought and addressed - Mr. You Know Who just needs to put his John Footpenis on them and we can get them in the mail

And yesterday, we finally went out and got a tree.

Here is a partial picture of the ever elusive Denton. He's trimming some stuff off our 8' fraser fir. It was purchased from a hunky tree guy. I mean, I didn't know he'd be there, it was just a plus that he worked at the local place near where I park for work. I'm sure we'll go back there if he is.

Mr. Hunk Man talked us out of a taller tree, but I think we had the room for it. As you can see we have another foot to play with easily. But it's all good.

I contemplated not getting a tree at all this year. Each year we host the family here for the holiday. A month or so ago, we kind of flashed on that maybe we were hogging it when others wanted to have it. In reality, only one of my sisters could probably pull it off with space - so I said something to her about it and she said she'd do it and we could trade off year to year.

And unfortunately, I don't think we'll be having a holiday party either. We bagged on it last year too, as we normally base it around Rebecca's visit. I think we need to rethink that, with all due respect to Ms. Flowers.

So with those to non-events, in the back of my mind I figured, 'why bother?'. But with a cold cold snap, I got a little reinvigorated and we'll do it....some of it.

We have the tree, yet undecorated, but I do love how it makes the house smell. Of course, the cats are always interested in the tree. Neither of the two have climbed into them before...unlike Kylie the first few years we had her.

So today, I think I'll need to go out gift shopping. The nieces and nephews are done, but that still leaves Mr. Who Know Who. I can't just get him anything from amazon....I need to go look, and I hate shopping.

I guess I'm really down to the 12 days of xmas. At least I don't start this nonsense before T-giving.

Song by: Shania Twain

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tornwordo said...

Wow a pic of Denton. Cool. And the tree should not go all the way to the ceiling. That's a decorating no-no, so you did well.