Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's that time. Today is the first day of Winter.

Not be my father (but hell, it seems to be a fate I cannot and will not escape), after today, the days start to get longer!!!! I could have conjured up a picture of a pretty winter's day. Not from here though. It's cold, but not white and not pretty either. Lots of ice around though, as you may have gathered from yesterday's post.

Today is also the first day of Hanukkah. (this is the spelling that I prefer. there are others, of course.)

All I got to show for it is my Jewish Troll. I've had him and his xmas pal for almost two decades at this point. They make an appearance for about 2 weeks of the year - and then as Pee Wee Herman would say to Grace Jones, 'back in the box!'.

...and speaking of, it is almost time for the annual viewing of the entire Pee Wee's Christmas Special - which by the way, is the bestest holiday special of all time. Charo, Cher, Dinah Shore, kd lang, Grace Jones, Princess Zsa Zsa, Miss Yvonne, Reba the Mail Lady, Cowboy Curtis, the dinosaur family, Frankie & Annette (before her MS kicked in!), Little Richard, Whoopi and the Del Rubio triplets.

It does not get more star*-studded or gayer than that. Seriously, do yourself a favour and go to amazon and order it.

*'star' is such a relative term, isn't it?

Song by: Tori Amos

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A Lewis said...

Jewish troll with blue hair??? I've got a couple of friends that fall right into that category!