Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sad Songs

Is it any wonder that mental health, or lack thereof, runs rampant in this country? Especially around the holidays? Or winter?

So while looking for some gifts in Barnes & Noble the other day, I stumbled upon this little ditty.
Nice, huh?

Cause nothing give person more self-esteem and more of a natural "can do" attitude than calling them a 'dummy'.

And really, should it not at least be called Overcoming Depression for Dummies? Or do you think it is for people who want to become depressed and just don't know how to be a sad sack?
It is like 'Swimming for Diabetes'. You're not swimming to get the disease!

It's ok to get down during the holidays...or winter. They are stressful and it is cold and dreary outside. Dickens didn't call it Bleak House for nothing.

I find that alcohol helps. And cookies. In that order.

Song by: the Frames


Anonymous said...

Timely Bloggy. Our new VP, whom I get to meet today, is famous for building up the "For Dummies" brand.

A Lewis said...

holy smokes, batman....that's sort of, but not really, funny....isn't it? i mean, i don't mean to laugh....and we've all heard of the books....but put in that's wild! happy drinking and snacking.