Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fool's Story

I'm not sure who the fool is in this story. Stories. I guess I could milk these tales of travel out for 2-4 posts, but I'd even be bored with them at that point.

During my NYC work sessions, I attended a holiday party for 140 or so staff members in the area. It was to be heavy hors d'oeuvers, and a bar. A cash bar after you used the two tickets they provided. I get it, there is liability involved.

Their idea of "heavy" and mine were not the same thing. The heaviest thing was a very very very mini kobe beef burger - which wasn't very good. Most things were the size of (small) Bugles (remember those?) filled w/"spicy artichoke" It wasn't spicy and it didn't taste like artichoke...but cheese.

But I didn't know that this was the only food - I kept assuming the heavy stuff would come out eventually - it didn't. But in the mean time, I used my two drink tickets. And my co-worker's who doesn't drink tickets. Then two more that the door person just gave to me and another one I found on the floor.

All the while, I had nothing to absorb that alcohol. I wasn't drunk they way most of my friends would classify "drunk", but to a mere mortal.....well.......

Here's what I looked like at 8a the next morning after boarding Amtrak.

And I took that Amtrak to DC, where I then took a car ride to Richmond. There I took one of my staffs to their holiday festivities. It is a smaller staff, so their spouses or significant others could attend. Did I mention it was Richmond? This folks is Southern Virginia. The part that voted for overwhelmingly for McCain.

My staff loves me, but the rest of the town...well, they might not.

Before getting there, some folks I traveled with go, "are you going to wear a tie?" I answered affirmatively, but not the kind one might be thinking. I went for something more non-traditional.

It is possible that no one, save Jon, has seen this tie. ...and even I had not seen it lately - and I haven't worn it in at least a decade and have owned it for almost two:

Yes, I am not a big fan of your lord and saviour, and yes, I wear this for kitsch. It was a crap shoot what folks would think of it. My lead nurse BURST out laughing when she saw it (and me) - she got it. Some per diem staff I barely knew thought it was a great tie - but mostly because they thought I was being respectful.

My absolute favouritist moment was when one of the husbands goes, "who's that?" I loved him immediately!!

He eventually figured it out for himself, but I did somewhat correct him in that it was only a likeness of what people assume g-d jr. to be. Most northern africans aren't fair-skinned and have honey blonde hair.

....are they?

Song by: Rachel Sweet


RJ March said...

nice frames-- suit you perfectly.

tornwordo said...

Seven drinks, score!

Anonymous said...

I remember that tie! You didn't get that on the trip to Graceland, did you?
Perfect tie for C-mas.

Ultra Dave said...

You look good in a suit!