Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to Quit

I'd say I neglected to tell my readership this story, but I haven't. Honestly, I've been waiting for a day where I get more readers. I don't get tons of hits anyway, and even less on the weekends. So.........

I quit my job this last Friday.

To be honest, it was bittersweet. The folks in the Cleveland office were some of the best folks I've ever worked with. Well, a handful of them were, but they were people I really enjoyed sitting near and/or traveling with.

The reality is, since we were acquired eight months ago, my career has become a job. Extremely little room for advancement and even if so, we're looking at that in maybe five years. Maybe.

I have been pseudo-alluding to my doing a casual interview process lately. 'Casual' might be too strong of a word for it. Laid-back might be too intense, even.

My soon to be new employer called me almost seven months ago and we have been in discussions ever since - whenever they got around to it, or I was in town to talk with them.

Oddly enough, for the most part, this was fine with me. It is not like last time when I was unemployed and needed the job. This time I had a job, a good one, but one that has morphed into something very different than what I had signed up for. So moving slow was not a bad thing in this case.

....unless you were Becky. She has been dying to tell her sister-in-law that I will now be working with her (the sister in law, not with Becky).

So anyhoo, after I got the results from my pre-employment drug screen back, which were contingent upon the actual job, I went in and gave my notice to my kind of boss. I've reported to him the last 18 months, but I now have a new boss out of NYC whom I barely know and have rarely seen, but she was on vacation.

"Marty" wasn't really shocked, or didn't show it, when I told him. He got it and was ok with it - maybe because technically I was no longer his direct report. He also wanted to tell my new boss, which was ok....with me and with him. As it turns out, not so much for her. She can be as pissed at me as she wants (and she is), but I only have to endure her for three more weeks and there are holidays and vacation days scheduled in there....and weekends. Bring it on.

Like my last jobs, going forward, I won't be telling you much detail. Unlike my last job, I won't be traveling. That is a good thing and a bad one. In theory, I really enjoyed the travel part and became quite the astute business traveler. But in the last two months or so, I was beginning to dread some of my trips. I also go back to wearing suits five days per week - for me, this isn't a bad thing. I like suits. I was never into the business casual look.

So, the plan is be at current company for three more weeks and then take a week off before starting the new job. I'm more excited than nervous. I was more nervous about giving my notice - as deep down, there were certain co-workers and clients I really do not want to let down. I still yearn for validation and acceptance.

I know how extremely fortunate I am, especially in this economy, not only to have a job, but to have the ability and opportunity to move into a new position. None of this is lost on me.

So - three more weeks and counting. And then, I think we will be taking a week away before staring a new endeavour.

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J said...

Congratulations on the new opportunity! And here's to the business suit! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, change is healthy!

A Lewis said...

You know, I wish you had an RSS feed so that I could keep better track of you. Nonetheless, I wish you nothing but happiness in your new endeavour. It's a wild time to be making switches and decisions....very proud of you for taking the bait and the jump! Happy holiday week....happiness all around!!!

Ultra Dave said...

Good for you! I think you look handsome in a suit! (I'm sure out of it too) They will survive. They will get over it. You need to be happy about what takes up most of your time. No point in being miserable.