Monday, December 29, 2008

Neon Bible

I'm not really late to the party on this one - I've just been blogging about other things, as you might have read.

Cenk Uygur had a good post two weeks ago on the Huffington Post regarding gay marriage. As you might imagine, there are bible references all around it and included in his piece.

No offense to Mr. Uygur, but this is nothing new. But I am always glad to hear the reinforcement of the argument, since we always hear the one line of 'man lying down with man' or the 'Adam and Steve' comment.

Yes, there isn't tons (if anything) new in Uygur's post, but it brought me back to a scene in the West Wing, where Jed Bartlet rattled off similar references to a thinly veiled Laura Schlessinger-like character. It's quite a fun scene to watch.

Even by the time Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode, things like this had been going around, thanks to the internets. But the West Wing probably provided the biggest audience for folks to see something of this nature.

Naturally, I have never seen any right wing nut job or christian conservative come back with any response to one or more of these other bible quotes. Most likely, they really don't have answers to or for them.

Anyway, I'm happy to keep the momentum going and call out the hypocrites when necessary.

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