Monday, December 08, 2008

New York City

I told you guys I was going to New York - right?

It was for work, but I can never go to that city and just work. What's the fun of that?

To use an already overused phrase: I love New York. I always think I really love DC (and I do), but there is no place better than NYC. It is not an insult when I say it has a smell all its own. Almost 30 years of going to the city and if you got me there blindfolded, I'd know we were in Manhattan.

It's a shame I can never afford to live there, unless it's in squalor. I don't do that........anymore.

But I got to town early. Work wasn't until late afternoon, so I got to walk around the city and do some stuff. I had plans with family - real and assumed.

I met my sister for lunch - which was great, but she did pick the most populated area in all of the island. Yes, it was right across from Rockefeller Center.......on the day of the tree lighting. The place was a madhouse. Tourists everywhere, already camped out to watch what looked to me like a very unimpressive tree. TV must add something to the aura, but in person, it was just a tree.

Here I am with my half sister. Well half OF my sister. She's my whole sister. That was my attempt at a self-shot. See how well it came out? The maitre d took a better shot, but since I didn't axe her permission to post it, I opted no to. Normally, I think we look quite a bit alike, but I don't think this picture shows that.

We've been to this restaurant before, since well, her married family has a lot to do with it, and usually when I get there first, they go: "oh, you must be Adrienne's brother" - that is how much we usually look alike.

We had a great meal, but more importantly we had a good time for the 90 minutes we had together. She had to get back to work and I had to jump on a conference call. But even an hour and a half is great.

After my work function, I bolted from the group and went to visit David G. ....and Duck. They were just back from Paris and other places in Europe. They've been in their new apartment for about a year and this part of the view from their 34th floor pad.

We were all tired, so we just hung out - along with their two cocker spaniels. They were both really really cute. Both were rescues - one became blind and had to have its eyes removed. She was still really cute and gets around remarkably well. The other one was just all over me - and I loved it.

I've known David longer than any of my friends. 24 years, plus. I hate to say we never see each other enough, but we never did back in the day, and the friendship still works. So hanging out and doing nothing was just fine with me.

The rest of the trip was all work. And it wasn't all that fun. I'm glad I stole away the time I could.

Song by: John Lennon


tornwordo said...

New York is awesome. Well, except for the part about having to live in squalor. One of the great things about Montreal are the cheap rents.

Ultra Dave said...

I've always wanted to go to New York to window shop and see a broadway play, go to a bar where the dancers are nekked! that would be so cool!