Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shut Your Mouth

Once again, I have a mouth full of teeth. Sure, they're not all MY teeth, but at least I have them.

Yes, my new crown came in. Ain't she a beaut?

It was actually very hard to get a picture of it - none of them really turned out right, this being the best of the bunch. Yes, the techs just sat there and waited till I finished the red-hot photo shoot, so they could prep me for installation. Gotta love that my dental plan ("Lisa needs new braces!") pays for their time, eh?

Ok, so I added a second shot.

This time, there was no anesthetic. I felt every poke and prod. I felt it every single time the crown went on and off for adjusting. Then they had to water and dry the tooth - or where the tooth used to be. Yeah - that squirting water and high pressure air gun felt sooooooo good, I can't even tell you.

Overall, I've become much better at the dentist. I didn't grip the sides of the chair. I didn't flinch or jump or anything. Yeah, I winced with my eyes - but hey, I made it in and out in an hour, which included my bi-annual cleaning. It's all progress.

The better news than having the crown? My gums. Dr. Dorothy is thrilled with them. That gum surgery and my violent flossing have made my mouth better. The dentist was just hoping for slowing or stopping the deterioration that was going on - but it actually has improved. Bonus for me.

Hopefully this is the last dental post for quite a while. Be thankful. I am.

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tornwordo said...

Oh gosh this reminds me I haven't been in over two years. A record for me.

Ultra Dave said...

I love sedation dentistry. Knock me out, tell me when it's over.