Sunday, December 07, 2008


I took up Tornwordo's Music Meme post for a few reasons - I'm big on music, and it is Sunday and a travel day.....and I had to post something!

I am not sure I have a type of music I like - though my friends will say 'good....but down'. Or is it 'down......but good'. Either way, the inflection on the last part of either goes up. I too have helped morph my partner's musical tastes......not that he doesn't have his own. But I am less likely to be influenced by his choice of artists. No judgement.

Since I travel a lot, I use my iPod a lot. I don't get shuffle. How it works, that is. I will find it playing the same artist a few songs later. I mean, I have 2000 songs on it.....mix it up Apple! And if I start over after rebooting, recharging, or whatever, I seem to get a lot of the same songs I had just heard (I swear Sarah McLachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" is always right there!).

That all being said - below are the 10 shuffled songs. No filters. Take it for what it is.

01. Counting Crows - Cowboys
One of my top favorites off their last disk Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

02. the Killers - Sweet Talk
Had never heard it before this shuffle. I just put it on my iPod from their b-side disk Sawdust. Not bad at all. Is it radio material? No, or it wouldn't be on a b-side disk. I keep listening, it kind of drags on.

03. Blondie - Die Young Stay Pretty
A little new wave. A little reggae. All good.

04. Dave Davies - Imagination's Real
Ray's brother and fellow Kink's member from his solo debut back in 1980 (?). It was the only song I liked from his disk. He's an incredible guitarist - not that you could tell from this song, but I still like it.

05. kd lang - So in Love
From Red, Hot + Blue. And AIDS fund raising disk with artists covering Cole Porter songs. Truly what kd's voice was made for.

06. Damien Rice - aime
Great song. Acoustic guitar. Some strings. That's it.

07. Rosanne Cash - Pink Bedroom
John Haitt song. And nothing is more fun than an upbeat song about a teenage girl who is young enough to have a pink bedroom, but also pregnant. 1985 song - and I love the line 'she's got her records and they're all imports'. ahhh....I remember only buying those.....because I was so cool!

08. Annie Lennox - Something So Right
Paul Simon has almost never sounded so good.

09. the Carpenters - Superstar
....because Karen Carpenter is just that good of a singer. Even if Richard was tres fey.

10. Marti Jones - Back of the Line
An oft mentioned artist here on my blog, but a rarely heard one. Seriously, check her out. Off her third solo disk Used Guitars (1988?). One of her first songs she wrote, as until this time had usually just covered other's songs.

Weird. I just noticed, not one song from the 90s. Two from the 70s. A number from the 80s and the rest from this century.

Song by: the Carpenters

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tornwordo said...

I have the Carpenters and Annie Lennox and Red Hot and Blue too.