Saturday, December 06, 2008

Making Whoopie

Yesterday was a day when I just realized this job isn't worth it.

I travel a lot, but compared to some, I am not a road warrior. But I've been in three cities in as many days - and it is just exhausting.

Actually, yesterday, I was in three cities in one day: New York, Richmond and DC. I'm in the latter currently.

So color me unamused last night/this morning when I finally got to my hotel at 1:00 a.m., after being up at 5 a.m.

The clerk at the desk was not around. The security guy kept saying he'd be back, he'd be back. But he wasn't. Not for a long while. I was pissed. And tired.

When he showed, he spoke almost no English and didn't really seem to grab the concept of a reservation or how to work the hotel systems. ...which was soon to became evident.

I finally got my key for a room on the upper most floor, I go up and key in and what do I find? People in the room. Correction: people "getting busy" in the room.

Mind you - they didn't stray in and just use this room for their fornication. They had luggage and clearly they had been there for awhile. And they were going at it. Hard and heavy.

They didn't see me, though I saw them. I'm not sure if they even heard me open the door as they never stopped doing what they were doing.

Any other time this might have been amusing. Might!

But this is the second time at this hotel they've assigned me a room where someone is already in. WTF???

Mind you, this is the first one I've seen someone doing the do, but still.... and maybe in another place and time I would have stood and watched, but I was exhausted. And pissed.

The more I thought of it on the way down to the lobby, the more pissed I became. Part of it was the fact that with frickin' computer systems, they can't tell someone is in a particular room. My bigger issue was, even though there were people in there, what if there weren't?

I mean - who the fuck are they giving these keys too. If my shit is in the room, but I am not and someone got in who isn't as honest - they could just go into the room and clear it out.

All of this was lost on the guy. Completely.

Song by: Rickie Lee Jones & Dr. John

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Ultra Dave said...

You could have said, quite loudly, Are you part of the package I booked?