Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Caught a Light Sneeze

Blech. I'm sick.

My annual cold arrived a month early. I always get it the third week in January. What gives???

And it is working totally in reverse, I might add. The deal is to get some stuffiness, have it drain past my throat, making that raw and then settling into my chest for a dry cough, finally turning to a disgusting productive one.

This one started in my chest and is working its way up. The congestion has finally hit as of last night. The folks on my flights yesterday were loving me: Typhoid Blobby.

To be fair, I've been on eight airplanes and two trains in 13 days. And then got caught in that monsoon in DC last week. I'm like the girl in the mini skirt, with no underwear on, drunk, at an all guy party - I was kind of asking for it, no? (oh lighten up, it was a joke!)

I'm hoping to shake this before the holidays, but what are the chances it will be all gone by then?

Naturally, my schedule is booked, but I'm not going to work today. I can answer emails at home. Of course, if I feel good enough, maybe I'll venture out and do some holiday shopping, since I have done nothing about this season as of yet. Well, we have the tree, but it remains unadorned.

Song by: Tori Amos


Anonymous said...

You ARE like the girl in the mini skirt, with no underwear on, drunk, at an all guy party.

Pretty much every Saturday night!

Ultra Dave said...

Bless your heart! I'll be glad to be your nurse. Hope you fell better soon.

A Lewis said...

No underwear in public? you sound like my kind of girl. Better days ahead for you, I hope.