Monday, October 20, 2008

Woman Like a Man

Sarah Palin's first press conference went exactly how I expected it would. Fortunately, it was really Tina Fey.....and again, she was hilarious (sorry, Becca!).

Update before even posting: Believe it or not, NBC and/or SNL have taken off the opening skit from their site. I had it linked and before I posted, I checked it and it was gone only to be replaced by Palin saying "Live from New York....". I'm not giving that twat any airtime on my blog....not unless it really embarrasses her as a human being, let alone a candidate, that is.

(update update: apparently the clip is back up)

Unfortunately, Alec Baldwin, usually a comedy powerhouse on so many SNL skits, was weak weak weak and you can see him reading every. single. syllable. Palin's (the "real" one) appearance on Weekend Update was predictable and weak. Let's face it - she did nothing! ....much like she would do, if ever in office.

At least the MacGruber skits were somewhat funny! The first one was great.

While perusing some websites, I did my monthly look at Marti Jones' site. I've blogged at least twice about Marti - one being a concert I saw of hers earlier this summer and then a year before that, as a Record of the Month post.

I saw this little snippet and just had to copy and paste it her observation of Palin.

Is it just me, or is the issue of Sarah Palin's masquerading as "one of us" as in "(one of us) women," being over emphasized? Sarah Palin stands for the anti-advancement of everything! She doesn't represent me OR my husband. It wouldn't matter if she were a man, we would both feel the same way. Women have long strived for equality; equality among humans, not equality among women. We have equal rights, not equal philosophies. And to me, equality means diversity. Freedom to be who and what we want to be. So, what we have is an asshole running for VP.Not a woman.

Yes, I totally lifted it, and if Marti ever sees it, I apologize in advance for taking it without her permission.

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