Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nothing Man

Not much going on. Sad to say.

Maybe it's not sad. Maybe it just is.

This last week I was traveling for work. If I move on, I will kind of miss the travel. At least DC. I love DC. But after almost two years of doing it, the norm the night before is a "I don't want to go". After I'm at the airport, I'm fine. It's just that Sunday night feeling of "oh, I've got school tomorrow" feeling.

So this relaxed job search has now surpassed the three month period. The first contact was at the end of June. It is possible they are coming to a selection in the next week. I'm not holding my breath. But I'm oddly, I'm ok with their timeline - or lack thereof. And let's face it, I'm not a patient man. Axe anyone. I'm not chomping at the bit to go anywhere per se.

I know I'm in the running for this. Obviously. I don't think they'd string me along for 3.5 months - do you? I even got an email from the guy I would report to last week. Naturally I parsed it to the degree of "what did he meant by that!"

...have received positive feedback from a couple of our Division Chiefs that I have spoken with to date regarding their conversations with you...

Does that mean he's only talked to a couple? Or only gotten positive feedback from a couple? Of course, I'm going with the latter. I fully admit, out of the six I spoke with, I only came away feeling great about two of them. Good about two and questionable about two.

Last night, Denton and I ran into on of my old bosses. I always liked Heather and was oddly enough thinking about her as I was in the airport on my way home. It was odd to run into her at dinner. She said, she saw a tall, bald man walk in and thought it was her husband, but it turns out to be me. But she is now working at the place I am looking at. Not the department, but the organization.

So next week we are having lunch or something, just to talk and for her to tell me her thoughts on the place. It will be good to have that perspective.

More later on, as nothing hopefully becomes something.

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