Friday, October 31, 2008


Remember this shirt?No. No you don't. Well, Dity, Morty and especially Jon might. The rest of you - not so much.

Yes, 20 years later, I still own it. I wear it about once a year. Like........on this day. I was never able to wear it to my old job, but I can at this one. On this day. It is as close as I get to dressing up on All Hallow's Eve. I suspect, if we ever got trick or treaters, they might get a chuckle out of Old Man Blobby and his shirt. ....but they never come. Maybe this year will be different.

I remember buying this shirt a Puttin' on the Dog in Columbus. It just jumped out to me and I had to have it. I probably couldn't afford it. It didn't fit (at the time). And of course, the only place I really had to wear it to was either the Garage or Wall St (Wednesday nights only, of course!). Like then, it feels a bit blouse-y, though I'm sure I' Just not in the arms. The sleeves are still too long.

The tag on it, I just saw, says 'What's Happening', and of course now I can only think of Rog, Duane and Rerun. Great!

I clearly remember wearing the shirt on at least one occasion when I was doing Ecstasy. I do not remember that night specifically, but I can almost guarantee it didn't end that well. They rarely did. It always ended in teeth grinding, tense/sore jaw and next morning I was always full of tears for not good reason. Not that it ever really stopped me from taking it again and again.

There is some memory of me also wearing jewelry around my neck (it's not a necklace!) that David G got me. I still have it - I came across it the other day. Yes, it read BIG FAG. That's how much he thinks of me.

I cannot imagine that during those days that I didn't wear it at Halloween. It seems a natural. Much more so than doing drag.

Oh - and for the love of g-d, would someone please remind me not to take self-pictures at 6 a.m.. It's not a pretty thing.

song by: Kirsty MacColl


Anonymous said...

I remember that shirt!

Happy Hallowe'en, Blob!!1

Anonymous said...

/Users/jonschwaiger/Desktop/Garbage cans 1989.jpg

Here's a pic of me wearing that shirt! (did it publish?)
I borrowed it (one of many times I'm sure). I have no idear why I'm hugging my sister, Marcia, by the garbage cans.