Monday, October 06, 2008

Just Don't Talk About It

What can I say, Tina Fey did it again. I find it kind of validating that I think the SNL folks hit 90% of the talking points I outlined in my twittering/blogging of the debate. I loved "Palin's" response to gay marriage.

It's all about validation, isn't it? We reinforced the big-ass Obama sign, again to the sound of honking and lots of waving. It was happening so much, I only started to get pseudo-paranoid when people would drive by and not honk. I'm so fickle. No shock there.

But we had our annual block party yesterday too. We were the talk of the 'hood, thanks to that sign. All in a good way. We are a fairly liberal bunch - and if anyone is a McCain supporter, they are not enough of one to have a sign. There are a dozen or two Obama signs up though.

I'm feeling a bit more confident that McCain/Palin are being seen-through as a losing team. Maybe it's just me. The late Saturday night story of Palin saying Obama associates with terrorists elevated her from 'twat' status, to full blown 'cunt' status. Call my misogynistic if you must - but I'm calling them like I see them.

It kills me that she could get away with such a statement. I'm assuming Obama saying she purposefully had a Down Syndrome baby for sympathy votes would get him raked over the coals. Saying it doesn't make it true, but no one is going to tell a 'lady' she's an out and out liar, but you also can't treat that 'lady' the same way she's treating you.

I hate her.

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RJ March said...

But does she really get away with it?