Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hit Me With You Best Shot

It's the time, of the season, where love runs high.....

Oh no, not love. Virus. Eh - same thing!

It is that time - flu shot time. Trying to ward off the flu another year. So far I've done pretty well. Yeah, I get my annual cold - 3rd week of January - come rain or shine, and yeah, I got the Norovirus almost a year ago, but neither of them were flu.

Most folks don't even know what flu is. They think it's a bad cold: it isn't. They think it happens when it's cold out: it doesn't have to be.

It really just is a nasty virus that is usually spread by folks who don't who are carriers in their sneezes, coughs, and nasal secretions. Yummy! 226,000 folks are hospitalized by this annually - 36,000 die.

But so many people say - "oh, it gave me the flu". It did NOT. And what it does is also help those who do not get sick, who are carriers, unknowingly giving it to others.

Anywho.....I got mine yesterdee. It didn't hurt or nothin'!

Get it. Get it now. It takes 6 weeks to take effect, which is good because Flu Season really will not start until January or February - and runs through March. Watch hospital admission rates rise in March with all the folks with respiratory conditions, because you did nothing!

For shame!

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