Friday, October 03, 2008

Only Talking Sense

Let's face it. THE debate wasn't all that.

As one of the PBS pundits said afterwards, Rebuplicans are feeling a lot better and Democrats are sorry to see that Palin didn't implode. That pretty much wraps it up.

Before the debate, Becky encouraged me to liveTwit during the debate. I took that challenge. So did Andrew. So did Moby. I think Becky was playing World of WarCraft, or whatever it's called. are a few (not all, but most) of my Twits.

Blobby1 to quote Gandalf: "and so it begins"
Blobby1 how i wish Samantha Bee was moderating this. no offense Gwen
Blobby1 maverick and hockey moms. she's using all her good bits early one. Pace yourself Sarah!
Blobby1 not going by what the moderator wants? can she do that?
Blobby1 massive cramp in my left foot. I blame Palin
Blobby1 worried he (Biden) keeps saying "John" instead of McCain when speaking negatively about him. connect the dots
Blobby1 did she just say she is believing Al-Qaeda?
Blobby1 Palin. respecting women's rights. LOLLLLLLLLLL. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. oh, she is killing me
Blobby1 keep tying him to Geo Bush. 8-9 x in a row. beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Blobby1 Bozniacs?
Blobby1 "McCain knows how to win a war - he's been there" Did we win Viet Nam?
Blobby1 she just sided w/Cheney to have autonomy!!! i'm sure she'd shoot someone in the face too.
Blobby1 one kid going to war. one special needs. one knocked up. her kids aren't GOING to college. what's she worried about?
Blobby1 UGH. Reagan quote. PANDERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blobby1 is it just me, or does Joe stumble over and over on Obama's name?
Blobby1 to quote the last line of the last KitH episode: Thank g-d, THAT's over!

Biden did ok and many think he hit gold with talking about his family and tearing up. To me, it seemed a bit forced, but if she can bring up her special needs kid all the time (scroll down to 2nd article), he can play that card as well.

But as Andrew pointed out - all four of them are smarter than W.

Song by: the Finn Brothers

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Anonymous said...

We laughed at Bosniacs too, but I guess it is a real word. Yes, a good percentage of the Bosnians are also Bosniacs. Who knew!