Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pull Up to the Bumper

It's days like this, when Denton turns a slight shade of red when he is with me.

Why? Because I have no qualms about stopping in a crowded parking lot, taking out my phone and snapping a picture of something I find amusing. ....even if/when there are onlookers. ...which there were.

If nothing else, it probably got people to come over after I was done, just to see what made me stop in my tracks and snap a photo. Hopefully, they got a laugh out of it. (click on image to enlarge - as always.)

My brother-in-law did. Technically, he's Denton's brother-in-law, but we're all family, right? I sent it to Denton's sister and parents too - but have yet to hear back from them.

I was urged not to send it to his aunt, as it was questionable if she has ever heard the term "WTF"? ...and no one wanted to explain it to the point where they had to drop the F bomb. They are not as crass as I am. But who is? I mean.....really?

For all the words I have written about She Who Must Not be Named, three little letters pretty much sum it up - and a lot more concisely. ahhhh.......the magic of the bumper sticker. Life's little editor.

Song by: Grace Jones

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