Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gimme Little Sign

Yes, I voted for Hillary. I'm still proud of that vote, but after the DNC went the way of Obama, I threw my support behind him. Monetarily and otherwise.

As the money goes, I'm not really thrilled with the outcome. Like when I contribute to NPR, I don't do it for the gift they send (actually, I tell them I don't want it - put my money towards the frickin' station!), ditto for Obama's campaign. I know I'm paying for those g-ddamn ads I turn off every commercial break.

So is it any wonder I'm a little annoyed that six weeks ago I contributed and they were to send me car magnets with Obama/Biden and they have yet to arrive?

Number one, is it the first campaign promise that was broken by these two? Number two - the magnets have a limited shelf-life. If they want me to drive around with it, don't you think they'd want me to do it before the election?

Ok - enough of all that. For those who don't know, we live on a corner lot. It is a pretty busy street, but the house sits back so we don't have to see/hear a lot of it. But the corner is a great place for visibility. So much so, that during an election cycle, some unknowns just come by and plant signs that we have to continually take off and throw away.

This year, we were proactive and decided we would be the ones to put out the sign of choice. Denton contacted our next door neighbor, who works for the Obama campaign - and look what he scored for us:

Yeah - the sign is about 4' x 6'. HUGE. As Subohd quipped, "Don't let them tell you size doesn't matter!" I already knew that! His yard "boasts" a puny 1' x 2.5' sign. I don't think we're overcompensating - do you?

As we strung it up between the trees, dozens of cars drove by honking, waving, smiling and pointing. Well, I guess the people in the cars - not the autos themselves.

We all speculated on whether someone would deface the sign, but I think it is ripe for being stolen - not that it would be very easy to get into any car.

I also know we are basically inviting others to think it's ok to stick their signs in the yard. I try to be logical about why they do it. It doesn't really look like someone's yard, but every man's land. But it's not.

Denton, Sudohd and myself agreed that we will take out other signs that will inevitably appear over the next four weeks. Our garbage man must hate us.

Song by: Don Dixon & Marti Jones


RJ March said...

You love your big sign, I can tell...

Anonymous said...

That sign is so big Sarah Palin can see it from her house.

Kris said...

I've been pissed about not getting my car magnet, too! WTF???