Thursday, October 16, 2008

Money Can't Buy It

Well that bump in the market didn't last long, did it?

733 points down. Ouchy.

W is going to shore up some banks to the tune of $25o BILLION!!! This announcement was supposed to bolster the market and the economy.

I am shocked - SHOCKED!!!!! - that Bush's well thought out plan has backfired, since he is such a brilliant economist and we have lived in such prosperous times during these last eight years.

I am not an economist. But it was my understanding of the $700 billion dollar plan is that it would be doled out in $250 increments with some kind of results that would have to be shown before additional funds would be released. Fuck if I knew it was the plan to let Bush do with the money as he or his crack appointees saw fit.

It kind of stinks of how Congress gave him powers of war back in 2001-2002. They fuckin' react to a situation of fear and expediency and it continually comes back to bite us in the ass.

The tiresome thing of all of this is: no representative or senator listens to, or asks, their constituency what they want. They claim to be doing the will of the people, but they do what they want, regardless of what we want. They in turn are telling us what we want - even if it is not the case.

Off with their heads!!!!

Song by: Annie Lennox

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