Monday, October 13, 2008

Rosie Strike Back

I have been a fan of Rosanne Cash's since the late 70's. Yes, I'm that old. She is and was a great interpretive recording artist, but she is a really impressive songwriter too.

Actually, she is a pretty good writer, period. She has a good book of short stories that is at least a decade old, a children's book (who doesn't?) and something non-fiction that is slated to drop in 2009.

As recording artists go, most of their websites are trash and only updated when they have a product to hawk. Cash's isn't quite like that. Since she only releases a disk every 3-4 years, who'd ever go to her site if it were only updated that often? I can usually go to hers a few times a month to find something new.

She keeps a sort of blog and updates activities along with a standard newsletter, Mrs L's Monthly (her married name is Leventhal - so now you don't have to wonder). Truth be told, there are months that it isn't updated, but that is not really here or there. There are also updates on performances, activities and charities which she is active in.

Cash has also been an infrequent contributor to Measure for Measure, a NYT songwriter's blog. She has had pieces in New York and other publications as well. So I had high hopes for her newest piece that ran in the Nation this last week. It is a very tongue-in-cheek look at the GOP choice for VP: She Who Must Not Be Named.

The article is good, but it's not great. She has all the right intent, but the execution seems half-hearted. Cash is usually smarter and wittier than the piece that is published. Maybe it was hurried job or something.

I guess it is still worth a read.

Song by: Rosanne Cash

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