Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Now I Can't Find the Door

....and now a break from my seemingly non-stop posts on politics. Even I was getting tired of writing them - so reading them was probably no fun either. ....at least after awhile.

As we slowly do some home improvement (not a good sign when the gay couple down the street has lived in their house for 31 years and still improving/renovating!), we just decided to get rid of the monochromatic entrance. Or side entrance as the case may be - but it is used as the main one. Don't ask - it's too complicated.

The entire way we enter the house needs to be redone, but that is a time and cash consuming project. In this economic downturn, investing that much into it is not our highest priority. So with $22 of paint and brushes, we (well Denton) tackled the door.

In a few mere hours we went to this:

We are looking for a new light to go above. We found one, but I said it was too big. No one listened to me - they never do. But I was right - I always am.

The pictures don't show it as much, but it makes a huge improvement when you approach the house. The door really kind of pops.

Who knows, in another 31 years, we might be close to finishing this project.

Song by: Sam Phillips


RJ March said...

oh, much better

Anonymous said...

And it looks a lot straighter now that you've painted it.

Anonymous said...

Not really, it kind of shifted to the left, now it's off center

Blobby said...

I don't need either of YOU two lecturing me on "straight". PUH-leese (to quote Squidward)