Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last night we put a crowbar in the wallet and attended the annual HRC dinner here in Cleveland. As always - it was ok. Nothing more than that, but it was ok.

I always "joke" that it is a bad chicken dinner and an equally bad comedian - both leaving a sour after-taste. And all for the low low low price of just under $200 per head.

At least last year, Joe Solmonese attended (and sat at our table). But since this is not a major election year and Ohio pulled its head out of its collective ass, we've not as needed in the big scheme of things. This year, there was no Joe - and very little outrage.

Black-tie had been going away, so I was surprised to see a number of folks all decked out in it this year. We were not one of these. Someone took our pic - and if they had already sent it to me, I'd be sharing it with you here.......but they haven't. We still clean up pretty good, even if just wearing regular suits.

We had a nice table. Everyone knew each other, save one. The guy has been in town for only two months. Who the fuck moves to Cleveland in January - on purpose? To be fair, he came from Minnesota, so it might be a tad warmer. Or was it from Milwaukee? Either way....... But we had some laughs, though it was very hard to have any conversation.

The drinks were expensive and food....questionable. But it wasn't chicken. It was beef. Beef with truffle mash potatoes. Blech. Not a fan. It looks like something the Titanic may have hit before it went down in the North Atlantic. (and sorry about the disgusting picture.)

There was also no comic. Thankfully. So they had dancers.

They started out with this guy - who did an ok routine, though let's be honest: he was brought in for the men to ogle. It was not as much about talent as it was about body form. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), we had the front table and could see every frickin' muscle on him. I don't think my gym routines are going to get me to this place - but it would be nice.

The second group were two women who danced to Nina Simone's Feeling Good. It was supposed to represent 'freedom of choice'. It represented every 8th grade dance recital I have ever seen.

The last group had the same guy as above and two other women and honest to g-d, they "danced" to the theme and remix of........wait for it..............Speed Racer. I kid you not. I love when Eileen Flowers just pops into my head and I hear her say "oh...awful!"

The speeches were mostly uninspired and one was even pushing the domestic partner registry. You know the one I bitched about a few months ago (and still am). It gives you nothing more than a piece of paper, no rights and still costs more than a marriage license. This woman had the nerve to say, 'unlike Prop 8, this will not be voted down with our numbers'.

Are you frickin' kidding me? Prop 8 was at least a real "something". This is a nothing. It's a slap in the face. I think I was the only one at our table who didn't break into the obligatory clapping at her "outrage". Nor did she bother to mention that you get nothing with this or that it costs more than straight people pay for every right we are denied. That is where the outrage should be.......but the city council and mayor were there, and g-d forbid you provoke the status quo - though I kind of thought that was what HRC was supposed to be about.

It is nice to see 600 or so gay folks dressed up and showing numbers, but we might skip a year or two before going back. You see a lot of the same folks at G2H2 and the drinks are cheaper. So are the men.

Song by: the Killers


tornwordo said...

HRC seems like they're not even good at throwing parties. I know they DO excel at pestering you to death for money.

rebecca said...

How did your domestic partner feel when you pulled out your phone and took a picture of your dinner?

Blobby said...

Oh you know him - he just assumes anymore that I'll do things like that.

And *I* remember someone taking pictures of THEIR food at Inn @ Little Washington!