Sunday, March 08, 2009

Old Friend

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of dining with world state county famous author, Rebecca Flowers.
She being in town for her father's birthday; me just being in town for my every day. She is one of my oldest (not in age) friends....and one of the best.

Becky was staying a posh-like hotel that had little air conditioning and no cold water - just scalding. This is how the rich and famous live apparently. It is a life I'll never know, as we can't seem to get more than tepid water from our spouts. But I do imagine getting 2nd degree burns while trying to brush your teeth in that environment.

Becca had to remind me that we had stayed in that same hotel before. Morty, Becky, Dith and myself. I had totally forgotten. I remember being at her parents, then mine, while Becky was at a wedding reception at the country club where my parents belonged (did you follow all that?). Naturally after that we ended up at a gay bar. Those poor girls and what they had to endure for and with Morty and myself.

I remember Morty being drunk (duh) and putting a dollar down some random guy's pants - and me going back in and retrieving it.

Poor Mr. Becky, just sitting there listening to this story while we tried to eat our lunch.

Oh - there were other stories too. Houston. New Orleans. New York. Even Dallas, a trip of which I was not apart ("nice car!" "yes, you mentioned that last night!"). Mr. Becky said he wished he had some of these experiences, but that is the talk of a crazy man.

Then we went into who had the more crazy family - her or me. I think it was a draw - for different reasons.

Becky's husband is great and I really liked him from the moment I met him. Her kids are great too. Four is extremely cute these days. I got to see her parents too and wished her father a happy day. Even after five hours together, I still got to beat a path out of there without encountering all I may have had to.

Yes, I'm being vague here and sorry for that. Sometimes it is a necessary. It will speak to some, but not to most. I apologize.

Becky did another podcast that is coming out at some point. The host asked her about the blogs she reads and mine was mentioned specifically. I don't know if it will make the edit for the actual podcast, but if and when it does, you know damned sure I'll post it here.

We took a few pics too, but none of them are that great. By the time we got to pic #4 we both decided we were trying too hard and just stopped.

Song by: Loudon Wainwright III

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