Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm just treading water today. I think I've kind of earned it. I'm not proud of the fact, mind you - but sometimes you've just a bad week and you just want to make it through.

So it is a YouTube Friday. Music. Gay Music. Or Pseudo-Gay Music, I guess.

I have no idea who Joel Evan is, but I saw him on Logo. The song was intriguing - for the first minute and fifteen seconds. Then it just kind of goes on for another three minutes. "Wherever you go - there you are" - as lyrics? Who wrote that part - Austin Powers?

The voice is a bit different than I would have expected. And at times he sounds a bit atonal. Or is it just me?

I will give him this - he's cute. That gives him some leverage. The tank top is a bit too queer for me, but I do love the profile shots. I've told you before - it's all in the nose, people - and this guy has got it.

For some reason, the video is a bit stretched or distorted on this here YouTube. It looked a lot better on TV.

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